RunIprScan is a command line utility for scanning protein sequences with InterProScan. You don’t need to install InterProScan to use it. The protein sequences are sent to the European Bioinformatics Institute’s web service where they are processed on the EBI’s compute cluster, returning the scan results in xml format and in a tab delimited table suitable for importing into a spreadsheet.

RunIprScan provides similar functionality to my Geneious plugin, and in fact shares a lot of the same code. The command line utility is useful in cases where you need to process thousands of proteins.

Requirements: a java runtime environment. It was developed with Oracle’s official version but it may run on others as well.

Download now: RunIprScan-1.1.0

Version History:

1.1.0 June 26, 2014. Removed the -p parsing option and added several Python scripts for parsing the XML files and extracting information (GO terms, InterPro terms, etc.).

1.0.1 Oct. 29, 2013. Update for compatibility with InterProScan version 5.

1.0.0 Nov. 2, 2011.  Initial release