Augustus Plugin for Geneious

The Augustus plugin for Geneious lets you run Augustus, an ab initio gene prediction program for eukaryotic DNA sequences. This plugin is in an early stage of development but the basic functionality is there: you can select a species from a list of pre-trained species and obtain a set of gene annotations for your genomic DNA sequences.

You can follow the development on Bitbucket.

Download: Augustus-0.1.gplugin

7 thoughts on “Augustus Plugin for Geneious

  1. Dr Robert king

    Possible bug: Reverse direction CDS gene annotations in geneious using the augustus annotation has the exons of the cds annotation in the wrong order i.e. forward so when click on cds and hover over it the translation is incorrect as translating in wrong exon order.

  2. Jonathan Brassac

    Thanks for providing Augustus for Geneious!
    Is there a way to import newer models in the plugin?
    I am for example interested in the wheat gene model.


    1. mike Post author

      Hi Jonathan – If wheat is included with the latest version of Augustus then I can include it in the next update, planned for July or August.


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